The Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association
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The Association represents nearly every federally-appointed judge in the country. Its objects are, among others, to promote the advancement and maintenance of the judiciary as an independent branch of government, to make submissions regarding our compensation in accordance with the Judges Act, to liaise with the Canadian Judicial Council, to assist in improving the administration of justice and to achieve a better public understanding of the role of the judiciary in the administration of justice.

Association members also benefit with advantageous rates on a supplementary health care insurance plan that is unique in Canada.

The Association has important responsibilities which it can only carry out with the support of judges across Canada. You are invited to support and join your Association today. You can join or renew online or, if paying by cheque (new member or renewal) you can complete and return this form (PDF).

Please contact the Association for more information about membership, fees and special fees for retired judges.