The Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association
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The Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association (CSCJA) represents approximately 1,300 judges, sitting and retired, who serve on the superior courts and courts of appeal of each province and territory, as well as on the Federal Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Tax Court of Canada. The CSCJA is the successor to the Canadian Judges Conference which was founded in 1979 with a mandate to protect and enhance judicial independence, provide continuing education for judges, improve the administration of justice, and promote public understanding of the role judges play in the justice system. Membership is voluntary but about 95 per cent of all federally appointed judges belong to the CSCJA.

The Association organizes an annual conference and educational forum for its members and holds special symposia to keep judges up to date with political, demographic, technological and social trends.

Osgoode Hall, Toronto

The Law Courts, Winnipeg (photo E. Haluschak)

Justice Centre, Nunavut